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July 15, 2013
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VLC - MinimalX by Maverick07x VLC - MinimalX by Maverick07x
MinimalX skin for the VLC Media Player in two different colors.
[ Blue / Zune ]

[16.07.2013] - Release (v1.0)
[18.07.2013] - Update to 1.1: Just some small estethic changes
[12.08.2013] - Update to 1.2: added settings window + custom playlist + another color
[17.09.2013] - Update to 1.3: couple estethic changes + small / big positionbar + decreased filesize
[18.09.2013] - Update to 1.3.1: fixed coverart
[29.09.2013] - Update to 1.4: settings window now included in the mainframe + slightly darker
[10.01.2014] - Update to 1.5: playlist now in sidebar + some small changes
[11.02.2014] - Update to 1.6: redesigned menu + minimal mode
[30.03.2014] - Update to 1.6.1: support for higher resolution
[27.04.2014] - Update to 1.6.2: removing two colors because of high memory usage
[05.06.2014] - Update to 2.0: completly redesigned menus (popup instead of sidebar) + improved background
[06.06.2014] - Update to 2.0.1: fixed position of the center buttons


Extract the .vlt file to ...VideoLAN/VLC/skins


If the video frame doesn't seems right, switch to fullscreen and back again to windowed mode


If you can't see the control buttons because the videos are bigger than the screen resultion this should help:
- Preferences -> Interface Settings -> Look & Feel
- Switch to "Use native style"
- Uncheck "Resize interface to video size"
- Switch back to "Use custom skin"
- Save and close
- Restart VLC


Any bug report, suggestion or wishes to improve the skin are welcome

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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-07-18
VLC - MinimalX by ~Maverick07x MinimalX is an incredibly gorgeous VLC skin; simple and yet functional! ( Featured by fediaFedia )
MaXort Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Hi Maverick07x,
Thanks for this beautiful piece of code but I have spotted one issue, when I drag and drop a .srt over a video vlc quit the video and open the .srt as a file and not as the current video subtitles, and as a non native english speaker this is something I use quite often.
Do you know a way to get the unthemed vlc behavior with your theme ?
Nick-Hitman Featured By Owner Edited Jul 21, 2014
Please tell me how to move the window when the bottom menu is underneath the start menu. Everytime i go to full screen its fine but the second i take it off, the video is half way down under my screen (so only the top half of the video is showing) and i cant move it at all. I can't resize it or anything and it's very frustrating. The only way you can move the window or resize it is with the bottom menu bar, but since i can't see it i can't move it. Please help, i'm sure im not the first with this problem. 

EDIT: unchecking resize interface to video size does nothing either.

EDIT: So it finally worked, this is what i did was: 
1) switch back to default skin
2)check the resize option and close. reopen so video is full screen
3)unchecked the setting, clicked custom, reclicked the file i extracted in custom and saved and closed the video.
4)reopened the video, and working properly

Maverick07x Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
yep, like i wrote it here in the description :P
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medericmauger Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<font><font>adopter merci a
Potato0070 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 4, 2014  New member
can you add small (very small) bar on top and abbility to re size window on tops (it would rly help with 1920×(1080+) it fill screen bit over ), or set it to resize video like default skin 
Maverick07x Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
sorry but custom vlc skin cant be resized from the top - the program was developed long time ago, at that time it wasnt supported =/
MrXtraSteve2 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Love it <3
OSKL Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2014
Can you add scoll bar in playlist window? I can't understand how your scrollbar work, because playlist is upside down when I hold and move a mouse.
Maverick07x Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
i know, the vlc playlist is kinda buggy - you have to live with that, sorry
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